On this subject, we have two available product lines: static display models and radio controlled (RC) models.

Display models

In an effort to fill the vacuum that exists in the Peruvian ship models market, we've begun production of ships of transcendent importance in Peruvian naval history. Our first release was "The Glorious Ironclad Huáscar", followed by the BAP Almirante Grau and BAP Bolognesi cruisers.

For the modern navy enthusiasts, we have available models of the Lupo-class missile frigates, the BAP Almirante Grau (formerly De Ruyter) flagship, the BAP Elías Aguirre helicopter-carrying cruiser, or the County Class LST landing ships.

All this models are molded in resin with photoetched metal detail parts.

1/160 Huáscar ironclad 1/350 Lupo Class frigate 1/350 BAP Grau light cruiser 1/350 LST landing ship
1/350 BAP Quiñones 1/1200 SS Rotterdam
1/350 BAP Zorritos
Kit Coastguard

RC models

We make these models with fiberglass, polystyene sheets, ABS, and fine woods. The radiocontrolled models are motorized with type 380, 550, 600, 800 electrical motors with two or more channels. We have fishing boats, tugs, the Huáscar ironclad, Lupo frigates, Fletcher and Cannon destroyers, the De Zeven Provinciën light cruiser, missile corvettes, coast guard ships, and speedboats available, among others.

We make custom models of any type of sailing ships, galleons, battleships, submarines, and other vessels.

1/72 Lupo frigate 1/96 BAP Castilla escort destroyer 1/125 BAP Villar destroyer 1/48 650 MT fishing vessel
1/96 Huáscar Ironclad