We build scale models for hydrodynamic tests. This service is aimed specifically at Naval Engineering, for shipyards, naval consultors, privateers, universities, and such.

Our models comply with all the requirements, such as perfectly developed forms, exchangeable bow bulbs and appendages, marking of hull with draught lines, supports and railings for test trolley, and others.

These models are an indispensable tool for studying and analyzing ship designs. They are used to test forward motion resistance, self-propulsion capabilities, effective power pediction, and performance using differently shaped bow bulbs, stern post and other appendages.

Model making process

Hydrodynamic tests at the National Engineering University (UNI)

Bulb-less test

Bow bulb test

Testing channel in Spain

Motorized RC models for self-propelled tests

Wigley - model for validating the UNI's Hydrodynamic Canal

YouTube Video of the validation test