We are the first Peruvian company dedicated to professionally designing and building scale models, both naval, architectural, industrial and prototypes, with the highest quality standards in the materials used and the techniques employed..

Our facilities are located in the cities of Lima and Arequipa. Our products are aimed both at the local market and the international one.

We have a highly technified human group of modelers with several years of expeerience. We have attended seminars in Europe and the U.S.A., which allow us to offer innovative proposals unprecedented in the Peruvian market.

High technology in model making

We have the latest advances in model making technology:

Laser cutting & engraving

We have a latest-generation digital laser cutting and engraving system, with 80 Watts power and a 120 cm x 90 cm cutting area. This system operates directly with Corel Draw, Autocad and other vector graphics programs. This equipment allows us to make high-precision cuts and engravings in polystytrene, metacrylate, and ABS sheets, giving our products a great quality at international levels.

Resin Casting

This technique consists in making a matrix or master model, from which a silicone mold is obtained, in order to later make copies identical to the original. With this technology we make model parts and pieces in the necessary quantities without losing any detail. For this process, we have both a vacuum chamber and a pressure one.

Vacuum forming

It's an important advance in the production of model parts and pieces. This technique allows us to make models from previously heaten polystyrene or ABS sheets which then are vacuum formed around a mold or matrix. Its used mainly for large-sized pieces.


Metal cutting technology which uses a photochemical process. This great development allows us to make metallic pieces of the highest quality. We work mainly with copper, bronze and steel sheets of various thicknesses.

For naval models, you obtain fine details like ship doors, railings, antennas, radars, weapons, and others.

For architectural ones, windows and frames, fences, stairs and ladders, balustrades, furniture and urban accessories for small scales.