Our proposal is to innovate the Peruvian model market, applying cutting-edge techniques, for which we have well-trained personnel and digital electronic machinery.

CNC laser cutting is a digital process by which the pieces which conform the models are cut using a laser beam, controlled with high precision directly from Autocad or Corel Draw.

Resin Casting

Vacuum forming

Photoetching Metal sheet cutting by means of a photochemical process.

Modern and durable materials

We are the only company in Peru which builds models with materials of the highest quality and endurance. The models are basically built with polymer sheets like metacrylate, polystyrene and ABS. In some cases we use polyurethane and epoxic resins. Fine details like doors, windows, railings, ladders, urban accessories, and others, are made of photoetched metal, depending on scale.
In some cases, when the design demands it, we use fine woods.

Technology and experience for the benefit of our customers

Andes Craft & Models has invested time and resources to acquire the latest model making techniques in the world. For that purpose, we have attended formation courses and seminars in Europe and the U.S.A. Thanks to that, our products have achieved international quality standards, comparable to the best companies in the world.

We offer our customers:

Very Important: Materials and techniques we don't use.

In the Peruvian modeling market it is common to use expendable materials. There are lots of cases where pressed cardboard is used with colored cardboard, mica, balsa wood, corkwood, furniture made from plaster of Paris, grotesquely shaped human figures, tile roofs made of corrugated cardboard. The extreme: lately, they're pasting photographs over solid voulmes, trying to replicate a building. Gardens are solved with sawdust tinted with completely wrong shades of green. These pseudotechniques are vastly spread among students' models, and unfortunately, among the ones belonging to large projects too, being non-lasting models to be eaten by fungus and moths.

Architectural Galleries

Multifamily Building - 1/50
Park building - 1/50
Gallery - 1/48 Jorge Chávez International Airport

Gallery - 1/10000 Topographical Model

Landscapes - 1/100